Please consult the map below.

This is grand walking country and there are routes available which keep you off the busy highway, though ‘busy’ is relative.
Please keep in mind that land on the other side of fences is private land and not available for access without permission.
The following three routes are old roads with little traffic.

The Old highway: head west on Highway 13 , (Red Coat Drive), cross the railway tracks on the edge of town, go past the motel on the west side of the road and cross the railway tracks Go past a house set back from the road on your left, take the gravel road to the left – uphill.

The Reservoir Road: As above but take the first right after the railway tracks. This road winds along an irrigation ditch and will bring you to the dam on the Eastend Reservoir.

North Side of town:Turn left on Chimney Coulee Road directly after you cross the bridge on the east side of town. Instead of taking the road up the hill , continue straight and then you can take the track up the hill where it joins a road you can take to the hills above the town.

T.Rex to Chimney Coulee Road Trail: This trail begins at the T.Rex Centre . There are markers along the route. Head south through grassland to the lip of the bank above the river, thence east . Navigate 2 deep coulees and come out at the Natural Gas Hut – the north end of town is across the river – continue to join Chimney Coulee Road.

The Trans Canada Trail: the trail wanders through town and is located on the berm along the river on the north end of town.