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Calendar for 2018

Jan 02 to Jan 16  Tim Lilburn, Victoria, BC, Poet
Mar 01 to Mar 31  Helen Grainger Wilson, Boise, ID USA, Painter
Apr 01 to Apr 30  Murray Dineen, Ottawa, ON, Music/Sound
Apr 01 to Apr 30  Mary Moncrieff, Ottawa, ON, Dance Therapy
May 01 to May 31  Brian Starzomski, Victoria, BC, Ecologist
Jun 01 to Jun 22  Tina Biello, Nanoose Bay, BC, Actor/Poet
Jun 23 to jun 30  vacancy
Jul 01 to Jul 31  Grant Poier, Calgary, AB, Visual Artist
Aug 01 to Aug 31  Kathy Bergquist, Ottawa, ON, Visual Artist
Sep 01 to Sep 30  Dawna Rose, Saskatoon, SK, Painter
Oct 01 to Oct 31  Peter Christensen, Radium Hot Springs, BC
Nov 01 to Nov 30  David Carpenter, Saskatoon, SK, Writer
Nov 01 to Nov 30  Honor Kever, Saskatoon, SK, Painter
Dec 01 to Dec 31  Lars Hauk, Copenhagen, Denmark, Writer