The Eastend Arts Council and the community at large are delighted that you are here.

This is a lively and friendly town.
You are most welcome to attend and join in community events.
If you have an interest in doing a public reading, an exhibition or open house, the members of the EAC are happy to help you with arrangements.
Your participation may be requested for public or private occasions but no obligation of this nature is attached to the residency. Please feel no remorse in declining.


This house was built by Wallace Stegner’s father in 1917 and has been lived in continuously ever since.
When the Arts Council acquired it in 1987, Provincial Heritage status was sought and awarded for the building.

The Arts Council undertook extensive renovations in keeping with Heritage guidelines.

Here are some practical things you should know.
Thermostat is located in the inner wall between the dining and living rooms.
Dining room light switch is on the right side of the refrigerator.
A washer and dryer are located in the basement.
Garbage collection is Wednesday at 8 a.m. Place your garbage in the bins provided.
The Grey and Blue bins alternate, check here for details (new tab)

Parking is either on the street or at the back of the lot, there is an electrical outlet on the south side of the house for winter automotive use. (no cord supplied)
Recyclables, bottles and cans, can be deposited in the white box to the North of the Rink.
Please leave the house clean and tidy, dusted and vacuumed, dishes done and linen washed.

Please do not leave food.

If you have questions please contact members of the Stegner House Committee(new tab) of the Eastend Arts Council.

We hope you have a great time.

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